unifying companies with opportunity

One Longyear is a principle that unites every employee at every Longyear company. Capitalizing on a 150-year of natural resources foundation, One Longyear sets into motion our next 150 years. Our companies and our people have a common bond and purpose: to deliver a steady supply of high-quality products that benefit consumers, businesses, employees, and communities. We are doing more and being more…together.


Longyear is a 150-year-old company growing for the next 150 years.


With an e­ffective portfolio of high-performing companies, Longyear consistently supports people and opportunities to create long-term value and stability.


Longyear is committed to safety. Our systems prioritize safety to protect and sustain our most valuable asset — people.

Longyear is committed to people. Our greatest strength is the energy of talented teams with a shared passion for success.

Longyear is committed to process.  We make high quality products vital to our essential customers while evolving to better meet their current and future needs.

Each of our portfolio companies share common DNA: the Mission, Vision and Values of Longyear. But like siblings within a family, each has evolved a distinct personality that helps fuel their growth and continued success.