focused on the future

Longyear is a  150-year-old company growing for the next 150 years.

Our success continues to be driven by our trusted asset management and long-term investment strategy combined with an entrepreneurial spirit that seeks out and embraces opportunity.

We think deeply about innovation, manufacturing, and management and keep a close eye on the trends that are likely to stick around. Our sense of adventure is tempered by a strong commitment to our shareholders. We’re smart about business and we want to manage and grow more companies, but we’ll always do it responsibly.

As we grow, we will always prioritize our people. We’ll continue to support prosperity in our region by expanding our team of employees and contractors, creating life-sustaining jobs for the next 150 years.

forward-thinking ideas

We live at a time of remarkable possibilities. The nexus of information and innovation is creating exciting potential in virtually every field of endeavor. For industries that are long-established, to those that are only now beginning to emerge, the future holds tremendous possibilities. 

And while most responsible companies are always asking themselves, “What’s next?”, at Longyear we add another question to our growth strategy: “How long?” If the answer is “for the next 150 years”, then it’s our kind of growth potential.

As a long-term investor and employer, Longyear continues its history of supporting prosperity in our communities where we employ hundreds of people and contractors. And as we look to the future, our ongoing financial stability will continue to provide the foundation for growth, acquisitions, and expansion, and chart a solid path forward.

sustainable practices

The foundation of Longyear has always been trees—living, growing things of lasting beauty and value. So we’ve always understood the importance of thinking long-term. We’ve been a leader in the transformation of forestry. Our sustainable practices ensure a healthy, well-managed forest that will capture and store carbon forever.

So that we continue to have a positive impact on CO2 capture, our hardwood forests are never clear cut. Instead, our selective harvest approach allows high-value trees to continue to flourish. Our experienced foresters inspect, choose, and harvest only the most ideal trees. Our people and cutting-edge equipment work together to allow the forest to naturally regenerate after harvests with no need for any chemicals. Younger, healthy trees are protected so they can continue to grow and store carbon. At the same time, we’re protecting our environment and water quality.