cultivating growth and prosperity

Longyear is a privately held entrepreneurial asset management company based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Our spirit of innovation began in the 1800s with our founder, John Munro Longyear, a trailblazer for the safe and prosperous use of natural resources throughout the Northern United States and Canada.


We have a 150-year track record for embracing opportunity and growing long-term value. Our current portfolio includes significant holdings of commercial timberlands and ferrous and nonferrous mineral rights, lumber manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, and public/private investments. 

Today we continue to support growth and prosperity in our business and across our region, with more than 200 employees, hundreds of contractors, and continued long-term investment in companies that prioritize people and the environment.

We believe a diverse portfolio is the key to longevity. That’s why we embrace opportunity and concentrate on growing long-term value. Together they help our people and our region thrive.

our culture

people thrive here

We believe that growth should extend to people as well as profits. People thrive at Longyear companies because they know they’re valued and that their work is important.

Our associates are trusted stewards of our business. Together, we work to cultivate a fair, dependable, and passionate community of employees. It’s an environment where the highly motivated thrive, where each person brings their unique talents and diverse perspectives to drive our business forward. Everyone is welcome at Longyear.

land is valued

Longyear is committed to protecting our habitats and natural resources for generations to come.

We understand the impact that forests have on the health of this beautiful region and our planet as a whole. 

From manufacturing waste reduction to selective harvesting of forests and carbon capture, we’re deeply committed to protecting and preserving our greatest environmental assets.

our companies

JML is one of the most reputable timber producers in America and a trusted resource for forest landowners, timber buyers, and forest product markets. A single-source, full-service forest management company, we guide every step of the process from forest assessment and plan development to timber harvest and forest product sales.

With JML Forestry, forest landowners can achieve their goals and objectives, benefit from periodic harvest income, and recognize increased forest value and improved natural habitats.

Able Medical Devices partners with companies that seek first-class, outsourced surgical implants and medical instruments. From design and development to comprehensive finished goods manufacturing, Able’s fully equipped high-tech facility allows our highly experienced engineering team to deliver and support product development and contracting manufacturing.

Decades of experience are leveraged into a scalable, value-added process that works with customers in an effort to understand and meet customer needs while adhering to regulatory standards and driving down costs. This approach increases speed to market and ensures the best possible quality.

At Northern Hardwoods, our forest operations in the Great Lakes region of the United States make it possible for us to offer, among other specialty hardwoods, the world’s best white maple. Growing slower, stronger, and whiter, this extremely strong hardwood is undeniably
one of a kind.

Northern Hardwoods prioritizes selective, sustainable harvesting to ensure consistent supply for our customers, while allowing younger, healthier trees to keep growing and storing carbon.

forestville logo

Forestville is a unique Marquette, Michigan residential community featuring high-quality new homes constructed with locally sourced material. Located in the forest, Forestville gives active outdoor people immediate access to one of the region’s largest all-season trail networks plus the convenience of living in Marquette.

With a targeted completion in 2024, the Forestville community will be ideally situated for scenic views and access to the surrounding landscape. Forestville offers features that are distinct from other Midwest housing developments, including immediate access to adjacent trail networks and waterways, environment-friendly construction featuring locally sourced materials from regional forests and an active neighborhood concept that inspires healthy living, comfort, and environmental stewardship. The new neighborhood is expected to attract a wide variety of home buyers locally, regionally, and from outside the U.P.