our hardwood forests maximize environmental benefits

The foundation of Longyear has always been trees. Trees that are living, growing things of lasting beauty and value. So we’ve always understood the importance of thinking long-term. We’ve been a leader in the transformation of forestry. Our sustainable practices ensure a healthy, well-managed forest that will capture and store carbon forever.

our selective harvest approach

To allow our forests to continue to have a positive impact on CO2 capture, we are highly selective at every harvest. Our hardwood forests are never clear cut. Instead, our experienced foresters inspect, choose and harvest only the most ideal trees. Our people and cutting edge equipment work together to allow the forest to naturally replenish and to protect younger, healthy trees so they can continue to grow and store carbon.

trees marked for cutting
1Selected trees are clearly marked. The harvest is carefully planned to allow younger, healthier trees to keep growing and storing carbon.
forest in the winter season
2Our cutting edge equipment and experienced people maximize yield with minimum forest disruption.
3Premium, one of a kind Hard White Maple trees will continue to flourish and produce exquisite logs like these.

carbon capture

Our premium hardwood forests will sustainably capture and store carbon FOREVER.

Grow, Capture & Convert CO2

Trees capture CO2 from the air and covert it into carbon within usable solid wood.

Harvest & Store

Harvested trees — made into hardwood lumber and finished wood products — permanently store the carbon that was captured as the tree grew.

Forests Naturally Regenerate

Our forests naturally regenerate after harvests with no need for any chemicals.

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