prioritizing people

We’re seeking employees and contractors who are interested in growing — people who are committed to quality and want to keep strengthening their skills and learning something new.

We want dedicated people who are unafraid of hard work. In return, we’ll provide you with opportunities to advance, improve, and innovate across the entire company.

We plan to stick around for a long time, and we hope you will too. We’re dedicated to creating a work environment that inspires you to stay for the long haul.


We have a deep-rooted belief in the power of teamwork and transparency. Our associates are trusted stewards of the business. We work together each day to promote a fair, dependable, and passionate community of employees.

This is an environment where the highly motivated thrive, where each person brings their unique talents and diverse perspectives to drive the business forward together. Everyone is welcome at Longyear.


If you’re committed to quality and pursuing perfection, we’d like to meet you. Longyear is a united company focused on growth, opportunity, and longevity, for employees and contractors alike.

We’re seeking contractors who like a good challenge and appreciate a respectful, fair work environment. Bring your expertise and work ethic to the table, and we’ll provide you with an opportunity to work with great companies that strive to make a difference every day.

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At Longyear, we believe in power of partnerships. When both parties bring something to the table that’s of value to the other, partnerships can prove to be a win-win for everyone involved. So we’re always looking for organizations that might want to partner with one of our portfolio companies, whether it be for our expertise in manufacturing, forestry or logistics.

Our manufacturing partners tend to be companies that are focused on growth, and seek first class, outsourced services from design and development to comprehensive finished goods manufacturing.

If that sounds like you, we invite you to contact us by clicking the button below.