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Longyear owns mineral rights for iron ore bodies located on the Mesabi Iron Range in Minnesota, which were developed, in part, by founder John M. Longyear.

In the late 1800s, John M. Longyear and Russell M. Bennett of Minneapolis worked together to develop significant iron ore holdings on the Mesabi Iron Range, developing a partnership with the Pillsbury family.

The Pillsbury family – then Minnesota Governor John S. Pillsbury and his brother George A. Pillsbury and George's son Charles A. Pillsbury – owned significant timber interests in Northeastern Minnesota. In the 1890s, the Pillsburys were approached by John M. Longyear and Russell M. Bennett to form a partnership to develop minerals on the timberlands owned by the Pillsburys. This partnership ultimately led to the formation of Meriden Engineering in 1903, a company that still manages thousands of acres of mineral rights for the descendants of Messrs. Longyear, Bennett and Pillsbury more than 100 years after its formation.

Longyear also owns mineral rights throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Working with its partners the R.M. Bennett Heirs, Longyear developed the Minnesota Steel Industries' project, which will become North America's first iron ore mining and processing and steelmaking facility located all on one site. Minnesota Steel was sold to Essar Global in 2007.

Because of his extensive work, background and contribution to the minerals and mining industry, in 2005, John M. Longyear was inducted into the National Mining Hall of Fame located in Leadville, Colorado.

You can learn more about Mr. Longyear's accomplishments by visiting the National Mining Hall of Fame web site.

















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